LIFTEX is a private-owned experienced manufacturer of portable hydraulic jacks (“bottle jacks”) for automotive industry and hand-operated hydraulic presses. Since 2005 we also offer gauges for concrete examination.

The company was established in 1951 in Lublin (Eastern Poland) as Regional Automotive Workshops. Since then it has developed its activity by having introduced production of jacks and shop-presses. Throughout the years we gained and maintained position of leading manufacturer of jacks on a domestic market. We have been supplying major automotive factories in Poland for many years. There are companies like INTRALL, MAN STAR, AUTOSAN and others among our customers. We also distribute our goods all around the country through several wholesalers. Part of output is sold abroad. We are focused on good quality and reliable prices.

Within our line of products you can find several models of bottle jacks, but also presses, hydraulic cylinders, jibs and pumps. To meet the customer requirements we also make hydraulic cylinders and jacks for individual request.

Our advantage is very good knowledge of Polish market, good relationships with many companies and over 50 years of experience in automotive industry.

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